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Basic workup of the foot and ankle –


Foot prior to ankle.


Follow these steps: (with ball) Barefoot is best as these TAK balls have some grip and work the fascia better than a Lacrosse ball or tennis ball.


  1. Roll the ball from the front to the back – the length of the foot (not back to front however)

  2. Heel down, toes up – pivot shift side to side on transverse arch

  3. Inside of arch (navicular) – Smash (the bug) and crush ball then extend foot and toes

  4. Outside Mid Foot  - Smash (the bug) and crush ball then extend foot and toes

  5. Ball of Foot – Clamp Down and squeeze ball

  6. Separate Four toes and Big toe – separate squeezing

  7. Heels Down, Toes up- pivot and shift on ball of foot

  8. Using your hands – work the toes, foot  - knead and separate


Use the ball in your hand and find areas of restriction and tension along the ankle and muscles of the calf and shin.


We are looking for three distinct movements:

  • COMPRESS – trigger point compression

  • SHEAR – move the balls across the skin similar to massage, push, pull, twist and plow.

  • PIN AND STRETCH – use the ball to lock and area and move the foot, ankle and knee to work the muscles under the ball.

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