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Our mission at Armadillo Sport Chiropractic is to improve overall body function so that you can maintain or improve performance, whether it be in competition or everyday life. The All-Star staff here at Armadillo Sport Chiropractic aims to make you better! Whatever you want to improve your performance and make you the best you can be. To achieve your optimal self, we as doctors bring a full spectrum of cutting edge chiropractic treatment plans that are tailored to your specific needs. Everything done at ASC is designed, and specifically geared, toward getting you back out there as fast as possible.


At Armadillo Sport Chiropractic, you will receive an in depth examination and evaluation to make sure that treatments are optimized for a speedy recovery.


Techniques utilized in the office include:

  • Graston Technique

  • Kinesiotape

  • Myofascial Muscle Release

  • Active Isolated Stretching


  • Sport Specific Massage


The aim of chiropractic is to treat injuries with a series of adjustments that are administered to the spine and various other joints in the body. These are designed to improve function which is what we strive for at Armadillo Sport Chiropractic. However, we take it one step further with all the techniques listed above in an effort to bring your muscles into balance as well. If you are new to us and our office be sure to check out the "chiropractic info” page for more information.


We've all been there, hours and hours in the doctor’s waiting room or even the back in the exam room and still no one to discuss our concerns. If there is one word to describe the experience at Armadillo Sport Chiropractic it would be “different.”


Different in that everyone who walks through the door should feel like part of a family, and not just another patient at the doctor’s office, that they have a friend taking care of them. We want everyone to feel comfortable asking questions so that they fully understand what their conditions are, what we are doing, and the fastest way to get back on track. All of our doctors and therapy staff are athletes themselves – this makes a big difference in our understanding and our goal of getting you back on track as quickly as possible.


The number one goal of Armadillo Sport Chiropractic is to give our patients the optimal level of care, by utilizing the same techniques you would see performed on NFL, MLB, and NBA athletes. Cutting edge techniques are utilized as part of our unique treatments that are designed to get you feeling your absolute best.


Typically 3 to 4 visits is all we need to improve your symptoms as well as your performance. We do not offer any set packages or set treatment plans for any patient, because we believe everyone is an individual and will need to be treated differently. Not only will your treatment be unique to your complaint, but most likely it will be unique on all subsequent visits as well. It's all dependent on how you respond and what's happening in your body.


Here at Armadillo Sport Chiropractic we strive to stay on the cutting edge of the Chiropractic profession. The primary techniques in this office are myofascial in nature and are based on functional kinesiology – better phrased "higher body functions and works together". We as doctors are here to make your muscles, tendons and joints all work together as a well-oiled machine. Your diagnosis will never be a bone out of place that you might get at another Chiropractic office.  The human body is much more intricate than that and the techniques to fix injuries will always take multiple approaches.

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