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Team Chiropractor for Texas A&M Corpus Christi Islanders

Dr. Chad Peters is one of the early founders of ASC, when nearly 2 decades ago he and his wife, Dr. Nikki Viersen, set up the first ASC in Corpus Christi.

Dr. Peters has an amazing love of sports. He was a 4 sport athlete in high school and played linebacker at South Dakota State. “I see sports differently; I look at the way athletes move. I love digging into the newest “hacks” that result in performance enhancement. I watch Saturday football the way some people watch ballet. It’s beautiful and I want to understand what makes them faster, able to jump higher and what it takes to recover faster than others.” When not working he is busy coaching or watching his kids in the dozens of sports they play.

Because of this passion for sports and movement, his clinic and his patients are definitely more of the athlete genre… “I think my specialty lies in getting athletes back into the game quickly and treatment for acute sports injuries. Issues like sore shoulders, knees that ache with running and sprained ankles are definitely more my game. It’s the reason we are so connected with Athletic Training in our clinic and why we set up our clinic like this in the first place.”

“I love anything that keeps us from getting old and keeps us mobile and healthy in body and mind. Over the last 2 years his podcast BeAwesome365 has been a great creative outlet for him on being happy and enjoying life. This has led to his recurrent role on the local TV show, Coastal Living. His newest media venture is based more on education and contains podcasts, lectures, blogs and YouTube videos based on teaching at REHAB TO GO and the sharing of concepts you can do at home. Check him out in detail at SportsDocDC.

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