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While most clients that come into our clinic will have a primary complaint or injury on their first visit, our day to day visits may surprise you.


Typically, we do many more “tune-up” treatments as compared to injuries throughout our day. We often work on athletes prior to sports competition with what we call a “tune-up” type treatment. It's a different setup where there is nothing wrong, no true INJURY, but the athlete is seeking a ‘once over’ to make sure their muscles, joints and mobility are maximized.


Think of a race car – the mechanics and crew would of course perform a once over inspection prior to competition to make sure the vehicle can perform to the maximum of ability. The tune-up treatment is similar. Our doctors and staff scan through the body looking for areas of decreased mobility and movement and apply the proper workups to get you and your “machine” ready to go.


It feels fantastic, is quick and works great for everything from your local 5k to a varsity football game to cheerleading tryouts to triathlons.

In fact the real goal of our staff here at ASC is to get all of our clients into the “tune-up” category where they schedule every 3 or 4 months to just


We want you back in the game, active and healthy and enjoying life – Let us help you maximize your body!

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