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Courtney Lamontagne is a bright young lady who turned her love for how the body works into a job she adores. She had been a multi sport athlete since the age of 5, but her passion was powerlifting. Through her hard work and dedication to the sport she became a regional and state champion powerlifter. The idea of utilizing our muscles to the best of their abilities was a huge part of lifting that she applies to every day life. This concept helps her work with clients to achieve their own personal goals and makes the activities of everyday life easier to accomplish.


She attended Hands on Approach School of Massage here in Corpus Christi and graduated in the fall of 2023. Through her schooling she focused heavily on anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology which lead her to have a very muscle based and functional based massage. She is skilled at locating the specific muscles and areas that hold tension and getting them to release. She hopes to continue to develop her skills and utilize techniques to better help all who come to see her.


Massage has become her new passion and she wants to enlighten her community about the positive effects of massage that are not just physical, but mental and emotional as well. 

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