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Knee Pain is one of the most common injury sites in all of athletics. There are so many different things happening at the knee that for our “Rehab to Go” protocols I tend to steer away from a direct step by step approach when you are using tools for at home fixes. This is really one of those body parts that you need to take charge and play around to see what works with you.  


My tips for knee rehab are to look over the major components involved.   ALWAYS look at the main joints involved; the knee itself, the hip and the ankle. The lower body is intimately tied together and knee pain is rarely a direct injury to the knee but is coming from somewhere else. Look to the muscles that are involved in knee movement. These need to be examined and treated.


Voodoo bands are extremely effective for a general joint release and I feel they speed healing time tremendously. Voodoo band protocols include running the band from low to high.  

  • 3 minutes with Voodoo band on

    • minute 1 – motion

    • Minute 2 – resistance (squats are great or leg curls #2)

    • Minute 3 – sports specificity (what exercise or day to day motion hurts)

  • 3 minutes with the band off:

    • same order, same exercise while the blood is rushing back in to the joint spaces.


TAK balls – this will be longer than the 3-4 minutes typically allotted for Tak ball work as there will be multiple muscles involved.  Be sure to scan the Quads, Hamstrings, Calf and Shins. Also look to the foot, Hip and Glutes as the TAK balls are extremely effective at release to these areas.


When you find a hot spot remember the 3 rules of TAK ball release

  1. COMPRESSION –  Let the ball get in deep and break up adhesion

  2. SHEAR – Move the balls in multiple directions and try to break up the fascia restrictions. Twist the area if you can

  3. PIN AND STRETCH – Move the knee.  Try to compress and make the muscle slide and pull under the pressure. Move the joint above and below.


It is very important that you have the tools and the drive to do your homework with knee issues. If you are banking on your knee fully recovering with just a few visits to the office you aren’t giving yourself or us a fair chance. Knee pain is very treatable but it takes diligence and work to respond. Get back in the game and get to be an active part of your own recovery!



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