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As a whole, neck issues are a big part of why clients seek chiropractors for relief. We do a great job working the area out and chiropractic has a great track record in neck pain resolution.  


I believe as a whole, neck pain can quickly be fixed if you take the matter into your own hands by doing mobilization and muscle work as an easy rehab program at home.


Here’s a quick overview of Tak Ball basics that can help you with neck discomfort.


Using the two balls gently run them up and down the cervical spine looking for trigger points and adhesion. When you find a trigger point, hold the balls in that location, gently move them side to side and then pin them and move the neck slowly and comfortably. This should feel good. The muscle should be relaxing and releasing NOT painful.


Neck work by itself is not enough. It’s virtually impossible to release the cervical spine without working the big muscles of the upper back.  The use of a wall and working in a standing position may be easier than lying on your back for this area.


When you find a hot spot remember the 3 rules of TAK ball release

  1. COMPRESSION – Let the ball sink in deep and break up adhesion

  2. SHEAR – Move the balls in multiple directions and try to break up the fascia restrictions. Twist the area if you can

  3. PIN AND STRETCH – Move the shoulder. Move the neck. Try to compress and make the muscle slide and pull under the pressure. Move the joint above and below.


Neck Stabilizer Strength Exercises

If you have a repeat issue that just seems to not respond to anything  (you know, better one day, hurts the next ) – you may have an instability issue.   The little muscles that run from one vertebrae to the next are not doing their job. The big muscles,  such as the ones in the upper back and front of the neck  (traps, rhomb, SCM) are having to do too much work. 


This explains why the big ones are always an issue, they are never turned off.  The answer isn’t repetitive release and work to the tight muscles. NO! Turn back on the little stabilizers and fix the problem.


The Coregeous ball is the best way I’ve seen to do this –The stabilizing muscles are not movers so make sure there is little motion when working these out. 30 seconds to the front, back and each side daily seems to activate the little muscles and within about 2 weeks the issue resolved!

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