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Stage II shoulder treatment:

Exercises for supraspinatus impingement and tendinosis


Theraband exercises to increase blood supply to an area typically low and blood vessel saturation


2 x 10 Internal and external shoulder rotation with the elbow at your side 

2 x 10 Internal external shoulder rotation with the arm and 90°

2 x 10 lower trap (walnut crackers)

1 x full alphabet - spell the ABC’s on the wall utilizing resistance with a ball

2 x 10 empty cans (thumb turned down) at 45° from the body

Kneeling lat muscle stretch


The goals of these exercises are to increase range of motion to the full and proper motion and to decrease pain and discomfort while increasing blood saturation.


These exercises should be done for 14 days in a row.  If there is no improvement or pain and discomfort appear to get worse most likely an orthopedic consultation will be ordered.

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