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The idea here is to release the tension through the fascia and connective tissue along the mid and lower spine. You should also be able to get some spinal mobilization so you are attacking three big areas of discomfort. You can do a lot yourself!  


Probably the most important aspect of “Rehab to Go” is becoming an active part of your own treatment. Gone are the days of waiting a week or more to help yourself.  Now you have tools to help maintain the treatments you receive when you come in. This should lead to better self-awareness of your body, a permanent change in your body over time, less pain, better motion and hopefully LESS visits.


Remember that there are 3 main points I want you doing as part of your self-treatment with the TAK balls.

  1. COMPRESSION – to hit trigger points and break up point tenderness and adhesions

  2. SHEAR – use the balls as a massage tool.  The balls roll, pry and twist along the muscles.

  3. PIN & STRETCH – Pin a muscle down and move the joints above and below to really ‘re-learn’ how your body moves


This should be intuitive, so play with it and see what works for you – don’t just mash and smash and don’t just roll back and forth.   Do more, be smarter and have a plan about your treatment.


Thoracic spine – start with the balls along the spine in the tote

  1. Roll the balls up and down the mid back with one ball on each side of the spine

  2. Find ‘hot spots’ and spend a little more time – rumble, compress and relax, melt on the trigger points.

  3. Go one segment above and below and mobilize at those areas until you are relaxed

  4. Place the balls sideways and work out the area between the shoulder blades and the spine

  5. One ball above the spine of the scapula and one below

  6. You may use one ball to get specific on traps, rhomboids and ‘hot spots’

  7. Don’t forget to pin and stretch when you work an area!



  1. follow the above steps – it will feel different as there are no ribs here

  2. really work the side to side motions and work segments

  3. sideways back and forth

  4. one ball above the iliac crest (wing of the pelvis) and one ball below (on the glutes)

  5. PIN and STRETCH

  6. Work glutes – you may use 1 ball – be intuitive and work on bettering the body



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